Office Space within the Powdersville Business Park Flex Space units will be built to the following specifications:


            Tenant separation walls will be built to meet code requirements

                        5/8 Drywall both sides.


Interior walls will be metal studs with single 1/2 drywall each side.  Walls will be insulated.


Doors will be solid wood (Pine) six panel design.


Ceilings will be 2X4 lay in acoustical tile with insulation above.


Lighting will be lay in, recess-mounted, 2 X 4 Fluorescent fixtures.


Floor covering will be carpet or vinyl composition tile (VCT) at tenants direction - allowance $15.00 per square yard.  4 rubber or vinyl cove molding on all office walls.


Colors for VCT, carpet, walls, trim, at tenants direction (to be approved by Landlord).


Fire extinguishers as required by code.


Heating, ventilation and air condition in office area.  Air Conditioning at average 1 Ton per 400 sq. ft. office.  Heating only in warehouse/manufacturing area.


Bathrooms will be ADA accessible.


Tenant shall be responsible for the following items:


Communication and data lines and connections.  Landlord will provide data and communication boxes with pull strings at tenant direction.


Window Treatments.


            All appliances, if required by tenant.